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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

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The mask is great! It took a few uses for it to start showing dramatic results, but once it did, I was happy. It cleared acne, shrank my pores, and helped me feel like my skin was clean. After continued and extended use though, it left me feeling like my face was overly dry. I didn’t have irritation, just a bit of dryness. I’ve always used a combination of almond and jojoba oil to increase moisture and softness in the skin. Using this or any other oil based moisturizer is the best way to even out the effects of the clay –NOW Foods Sweet Almond Oil – 16 oz. + FREE Desert Essence Pure Jojoba Oil — 4 fl oz. The mask leaves me feeling completely invigorated, and the oils are good for what I mentioned. I think these products are excellent and are a great compliment to one another. My husband even uses them from time to time!

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Salicylic Acid Gel

▪ A Professionally formulated Chemical Peel. Each bottle contains approx. 15-20 full facial Peels. Actual Product color: Clear
▪ Ideal for Acne, Blackheads, Hyperpigmentation, Enlarged Pores, Whiteheads, Sun Damage, and Oily Skin types. Helps restore fresh healthy skin by the production of new collagen.
▪ Controls Acne Breakouts &Evens Skin Tone appearance by reducing Discoloration caused by the sun or other UV light damage. Sheds off multiple layers of dead skin cells, resulting in a healthier looking appearance.
▪ Incorporates a unique combination of performance ingredients and Botanical Extracts which work to provide synergistic anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacteria, anti-wrinkle, skin tightening, or naturally nourishing skin benefiting properties necessary to achieve desired rejuvenation results.
▪ Guaranteed Quality – Manufactured in an FDA registered cGMP compliant facility. We conduct assay testing, identity testing, and micro testing for each batch to ensure the concentration and active ingredient is present, within spec, and follows USP standards &FDA guidelines. Each batch will have its own unique lot number and expiration date printed onto the bottom of each bottle, as part of quality control procedures

I’ve struggled with the typical female acne rounds. Major breakouts, minor blemishes- you name it I’ve had it. I’ve used the salicylic acid gel peel and it WORKs! I have a little bit of an oily skin, but not an overabundance. The gel peel clears me right up, does its job. I would recommend using pure tea tree oil in conjunction with the peal –100% Australian Tea Tree Oil + FREE Blemish Roll-on Stick with Tea Tree Oil.

My face is more clear than its been in a long time and it wasn’t this way until I started using the tea tree oil as a spot treatment, literally clears pimples up over night. This remedy has made my skin softer, smoother, and more silky than I’d ever felt before. Just one dab on each blemish really makes the difference.

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Salicylic Acid Peel

Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional)

Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional)

I have used this product once a week for the past three months. I have had problem skin for years, very oily and frequent break outs. I purchased this product for the scars the acne leaves since I heard it works great for this purpose. While it hasn’t completely eliminated the scars, it does peel some skin off the scar, and has made them almost invisible. Not quite gone, but barely noticeable anymore.

For past six weeks or so I have also been using retinol cream, Retinol Cream (Vitamin A) – 2 Oz. + FREE Blemish Roll-On Stick with Tea Tree Oil. I have been applying it every night and lately my skin has not only cleared up but also looks and feels much smoother than it has been for awhile. The combination of these products are working wonders for my skin, and for the low cost, it would be my first recommendation for anyone with skin problems

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Micro Needle Roller

▪ Stimulate the collagen production
▪ Improve elasticity of skin
▪ Reduce pore size and firming
▪ Smoothen acne scars
▪ Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circle
I have very noticeable scars on my face from years of popping zit after zit and my skin tone was very uneven also because of the acne. I have been using this roller for a little over a month and I am so grateful the drastic changes this product has made in such a short amount of time.

One thing to be prepared for is that it is not easy on the skin. Especially at first, it mat hurt a little bit and cause your skin to turn red. Tea tree oil (100% Australian Tea Tree Oil + FREE Blemish Roll-on Stick with Tea Tree Oil) was the one medication that finally cleared up my acne permanently but because it also soothes and softens the skin I also put some on my face about an hour after using the needle roller, right before bed-time. It helps bring the skin tone back to a normal color much more quickly and when I wake up in the morning (I do this each night before I go to bed), my skin is smoother and softer than ever.

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Lemon Juice On Face

lemon juice on face

Why use lemon juice on your face?  Lemon juice is an effective home solution for acne.  Acne is caused by clogged pores and the build of sebum oil, leading to increased numbers of the P. Acnes Bacteria.

Lemon juice exfoliates the skin.  It assists your face slough off the topmost dead skin cells.  Skin cells normally last only a few days depending on the the environment.  They are designed to be shed when the die.  New skin cells push their way to the surface and the cycle begins again.

The dead skin cells that are not removed from your face are the major source of clogged pores.  These skin cells fall into the pores.  A pore consists of a hair follicle and gland that produces sebum oil.  When a pore becomes partially or totally blocked, the sebum oil from the gland cannot escape.  The oil builds up in the trapped pore.  The light colored oil appears to white, and a this is know as a whitehead.

The sebum oil will oxidize when exposed the oxygen in the air.  A partially blocked pore will allow some air in and oil oxidizes.  The oil turns a black color and is then called a blackhead.

The P. Acnes Bacteria consume the sebum for food.  They also prefer a low oxygen environment.  The clogged pore is perfect because the trapped oil is a feast for the bacteria.  In addition, the blockage prevent air flow, allowing the bacteria  to multiply unhindered by oxygen.  The bacteria  eventually trigger an immune response.  White blood cells arrive at the hair follicle and give the raised bump and inflammed appearance.  This is called a pimple.

Lemon juice prevents all of this from happening.  But preventing the clogged pore, the oil is not trapped.  With no excess oil and lots of exposure to air, the P. Acnes Bacteria are kept in check.  Regular use of lemon juice both prevents and alleviate acne.

The active exfoilant in lemon juice is salicylic acid.  Lemons also contain citric acid.  This is responsible for the sour taste.  Lemon also contain vitamin C or ascorbic acid.  This combination of multiple acids can potentially side effects when applied to you face.  The skin on you face is delicate, and may react badly.  For this reason it is suggested that you try lemon juice on a small portion of skin.  That way if you get a rash or redness, it won’t be over your entire face.  Wait a day to see if you have any reaction.  If not that then you may apply lemon juice to the remainder of your face.  At this point you have no danger of a rash.



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How to Use Lemon Juice for Acne

lemon juice for acne

Using lemon juice for acne is an easy, cheap and effective acne home remedy.

I like to apply the lemon juice to my face at night. That way I can leave the lemon juice on all night. I don’t mind the sticky feeling at night, and it washes off in my morning shower.

First, you will want to clean your skin. You can use whatever you normally do. I use soap and water. The point here is just to remove the oil, dirt and makeup from the day.

Next, squeeze a lemon into a container to extract the juice. Just squeeze out a little at a time. You don’t want to get too much juice. You can squeeze more if you need. Or you could squeeze the entire lemon and keep the juice in a container in the fridge.

Do not dilute with water. Use the full strength lemon juice if you can. If you find the pure juice stings too much, you can dilute with water as needed. Dilute it a little at a time until you are comfortable.

Use a cotton ball or paper towel to apply the lemon juice to your skin. Get it everywhere you need, and directly on whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. You want to get a good coat of juice on your skin. You can gently rub the skin with the cotton ball or paper towel, but you should not be too aggressive. The goal is just to get the juice on the skin and allow the salicylic acid to work its magic and exfoliate your skin.

Again, you may find that lemon juice irritates your skin or is otherwise uncomfortable. Should it be too much to bear, you can wash it off after ten minutes. Otherwise leave the lemon juice on your skin. You may apply makeup over it.

You should follow this treatment every day for two weeks. At the end of two weeks you should notice an improvement.

Lemon Juice does not kill the P. Acne bacteria which are the cause of pimples and zits. To cure your acne, you will need a comprehensive acne solution. Click here to quickly get rid of acne.

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How to Use Lemon Juice for Acne Video

Here is a video describing to how to use lemon juice on your skin.

Lemon Juice does not kill the P. Acne bacteria which are the cause of pimples and zits. To cure your acne, you will need a comprehensive acne solution. Click here to quickly get rid of acne.

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Lemon Juice for Acne Side Effects

Anything applied to your face and skin may cause side effects. Lemons are a citrus fruit, and the juice contains salicylic acid. Fortunately there are few dangers associated with using lemon juice as a topical treatment. But you do need to be aware of a few things.

First, lemon juice is sticky. You’ll be aware of the juice on your skin. If you plan on going outside, it could attract insects. I personally apply it at night before I go to bed. That way I’m not bothered by the feel of it on my skin.

Lemon juice may sting or discolor your skin depending on how sensitive you are. It is recommended that you try applying it in a small patch to your skin and see if you have an adverse reaction. Open sores (form acne or otherwise), cuts and scrapes will be particularly sensitive. Also, you want to avoid getting it in your eyes. It is the equivalent of getting soap in your eye and the associated discomfort.

Lemon juice may dry your skin. Generally it will exfoliate the dead layers of skin and open your pores. However it’s possible that you may experience dry skin as a result of using it.

It may also whiten your skin. Lemon juice is sometimes used as a bleaching agent for scars. It may reduce the redness of scars. If so, it may also lighten your overall skin tone. I personally have not experienced this, and I think its usefulness on scarring is that it exfoliates the skin and that reduces scarring.

Lastly, you are not supposed to be outside in the sun while there is juice on exposed skin. I’ve only ever applied it at night, so I’m not speaking from experience. However, I do recall an invisible ink trick from childhood that involved lemon juice. If you wrote on a piece of paper with the juice, it was invisible. But if you then exposed the paper to heat, the writing would darken and you could read it. You don’t want to risk something similar happening to your face by going out into the sun.

Lemon Juice does not kill the P. Acne bacteria which are the cause of pimples and zits. To cure your acne, you will need a comprehensive acne solution. Click here to quickly get rid of acne.

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Lemon Juice for Acne Home Remedy

Lemons are a natural substance that are healthy for the skin in many ways. It is also acidic; thanks to absorbic acid, citric acid, and other healthful properties. The addition of vitamin C and other vitamins introduced to the skin also helps as a natural therapy. While it might seem unusual, lemon juice for acne was used for centuries before the invention of modern topical medicine.

The acids in lemons are directly responsible for its germicidal properties. The acids directly kill germs on the surface of the skin and then gradually enter the infected pore. Lemon oil from the peel, for that matter, is also disinfecting and penetrates the skin more quickly.

Lemon juice must be used directly for it to be disinfecting. A weak solution such as what is used in lemonade will not be effective. It must be a relatively strong concentration. As a different example, three to four tablespoons of lemon juice might be added to the water in a standard mason jar in order to help preserve food.

Juices from a grocery store or even straight from the fruit itself can be applied using a cotton ball. The slices can be applied to the skin directly, although some of the juices will stay inside the flesh of the fruit. Either treatment works, if applied for several minutes.

Lemon juice is a tonic for the skin and is entirely nontoxic. It is an outstanding remedy for anyone wanting an alternative to expensive creams or astringents. Most astringents at any rate are just scented alcohols. The juices from this interesting fruit are also able to dissolve oils, although the effect is milder.

Lemon juice for acne is inexpensive and often effective for regular breakouts. It is worth trying it before relying on commercial remedies. It is also many times cheaper than seeking a prescription remedy.

Lemon Juice does not kill the P. Acne bacteria which are the cause of pimples and zits. To cure your acne, you will need a comprehensive acne solution. Click here to quickly get rid of acne.

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Lemons contain salicylic acid

The modern medicine we today call aspirin is a chemical modification on the more basic compound called salicylic acid. It is the medicine found in willow bark, which has been used for centuries to reduce fever and dull pain. Doctors and chemists have used natural solvents to obtain this medicine since the time of the ancient Greeks, and even today it is respected for what it can do.

While aspirin or acetylsalicylic acids is entirely artificial, its natural counterpart is found in nearly all living things. It is also abundant in fruits such as blueberries and kiwi. It is essential to normal human biology and tends to promote good bodily function. For these reasons, the body responds well to it and uses it for many things.

It has benefits for the skin, because it helps to dilate blood vessels and pores. In addition, salicylic acid directly kills many microbes and also encourages the skin to shed exterior skin cells. All these things accelerate the healing of a pimple. While it might not disappear overnight, it can relieve the symptoms and cut down the future incidence of acne.

This drug is a major ingredient in many commercial acne products. While willow bark is still sometimes uses as an acne treatment, a cream with other beneficial ingredients is faster and typically more effective. Products exist that competes with major brands while being much cheaper.

The most important thing to know is this is a natural ingredient that is entirely beneficial to the body. There is nothing toxic about it and is readily used in many biological functions. Salicylic acid might be the perfect solution to any acne problems a customer complains about, and millions of people unwittingly use this product every day. Very few complain about side effects and the product is recognized as safe by the FDA.

Lemon Juice does not kill the P. Acne bacteria which are the cause of pimples and zits. To cure your acne, you will need a comprehensive acne solution. Click here to quickly get rid of acne.

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