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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

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The mask is great! It took a few uses for it to start showing dramatic results, but once it did, I was happy. It cleared acne, shrank my pores, and helped me feel like my skin was clean. After continued and extended use though, it left me feeling like my face was overly dry. I didn’t have irritation, just a bit of dryness. I’ve always used a combination of almond and jojoba oil to increase moisture and softness in the skin. Using this or any other oil based moisturizer is the best way to even out the effects of the clay –NOW Foods Sweet Almond Oil – 16 oz. + FREE Desert Essence Pure Jojoba Oil — 4 fl oz. The mask leaves me feeling completely invigorated, and the oils are good for what I mentioned. I think these products are excellent and are a great compliment to one another. My husband even uses them from time to time!

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