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Lemon Juice On Face

lemon juice on face

Why use lemon juice on your face?  Lemon juice is an effective home solution for acne.  Acne is caused by clogged pores and the build of sebum oil, leading to increased numbers of the P. Acnes Bacteria.

Lemon juice exfoliates the skin.  It assists your face slough off the topmost dead skin cells.  Skin cells normally last only a few days depending on the the environment.  They are designed to be shed when the die.  New skin cells push their way to the surface and the cycle begins again.

The dead skin cells that are not removed from your face are the major source of clogged pores.  These skin cells fall into the pores.  A pore consists of a hair follicle and gland that produces sebum oil.  When a pore becomes partially or totally blocked, the sebum oil from the gland cannot escape.  The oil builds up in the trapped pore.  The light colored oil appears to white, and a this is know as a whitehead.

The sebum oil will oxidize when exposed the oxygen in the air.  A partially blocked pore will allow some air in and oil oxidizes.  The oil turns a black color and is then called a blackhead.

The P. Acnes Bacteria consume the sebum for food.  They also prefer a low oxygen environment.  The clogged pore is perfect because the trapped oil is a feast for the bacteria.  In addition, the blockage prevent air flow, allowing the bacteria  to multiply unhindered by oxygen.  The bacteria  eventually trigger an immune response.  White blood cells arrive at the hair follicle and give the raised bump and inflammed appearance.  This is called a pimple.

Lemon juice prevents all of this from happening.  But preventing the clogged pore, the oil is not trapped.  With no excess oil and lots of exposure to air, the P. Acnes Bacteria are kept in check.  Regular use of lemon juice both prevents and alleviate acne.

The active exfoilant in lemon juice is salicylic acid.  Lemons also contain citric acid.  This is responsible for the sour taste.  Lemon also contain vitamin C or ascorbic acid.  This combination of multiple acids can potentially side effects when applied to you face.  The skin on you face is delicate, and may react badly.  For this reason it is suggested that you try lemon juice on a small portion of skin.  That way if you get a rash or redness, it won’t be over your entire face.  Wait a day to see if you have any reaction.  If not that then you may apply lemon juice to the remainder of your face.  At this point you have no danger of a rash.



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